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Our company professionally manufactures down light fittings and specializes in reflectors for commercial use. We have experience in reflector design and development to suit the needs of the evolving market. Our company utilizes modern scientific corporate management techniques and international regulated ISO-9001 quality standardization systems. We maintain high quality control standards to ensure that our product is safe and reliable.

Our company has been established in China since 2007. We produce a wide variety of lighting reflectors, with a production capability of 800,000 pieces per month. Spinning is an advanced metal forming technology that combines the characteristics of forging, extrusion, stretching, bending and splitting without the need for cutting. Spun products have the advantage of high strength whilst being light weight, high precision and good performance, coupled with low consumption of raw materials, safety in use, great reliability and can be used for a long time. Apart from lighting reflectors and accessories, pendant lamps and floor lights have also become our featured products, whose main markets are Europe and America. The creative design, classic and fashionable outlook, tender and soft light have earned us a solid customer base. With the development of this industry, we will continue to reform and innovate, improve our technology, and make our products more affordable. We will reduce the cost for our customers, improve our product quality and implement a responsible management system. Haiming provides its customers with the highest quality service and technical support, with the facility to produce 800,000 pieces per month. We are willing to work together with our customers in the development of lighting and lamps industry and your feedback will be highly regarded. We sincerely welcome all enquiries either in person or via email, fax or telephone.



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